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EF-2000 F2 JG74 add-on pack

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The EF-2000 F2 add-on packs are ONLY available to those who purchase the full EF-2000 F2 kit and are limited to ONE OF EACH of the two available add-ons per kit purchased through Cyber Monday 11/28.  If you do not purchase the full kit your order will be cancelled and you will be charged a restocking fee.

Pre-Order. This add-on is expected to ship with the kit in April 2023.

~ 35+ printed elements (a complete set of printed parts including the loadout prints)
- Special edition pilot minifigure from Forest Moon Bricks

This add-on includes a special edition pilot figure and all the printed parts needed to convert from the kit to the JG74 edition pictured.  It will NOT provide all the unprinted Lego bricks you need to build a full jet.

However, the .XML file will be released approximately 35 days after the kit ships to allow people to easily purchase the required parts to build their add-on into a second model if desired.

Included loadout:
- 2x AIM-120

- Limited to 50

*Prototype models displayed may be subject to minor revisions. Cross on top of wing will be present.*