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F/A-18F VFA-103 75th anniversary add-on pack *Pre-Order.*

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Pre-Order. This add-on is expected to ship with the EA-18G kits in May 2024.

The Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers" add-on pack is ONLY available to those who purchased at least one of our previous F/A-18E kits AND the current EA-18G VAQ-131 kit. If you did not purchase both an F/A-18 and an EA-18G you are not eligible for this add-on.

- 100+ printed elements (a complete set of printed parts for the model)
- Two special edition pilot minifigures from The MinifigCo

This add-on includes two special edition pilot figures and all the printed parts needed to create this jet. It will NOT provide any of the unprinted bricks you need to build a full jet!

The .XML file will be released approximately 35 days after the kit ships to allow people to easily purchase the required parts to build their add-on into a second model or convert their kit if desired.

*Prototype shown may be subject to minor revision. There are additional graphics that still need to be added to the renders shown.*