F4U-1A downloadable files

Click here to download the F4U-1A VF-17 "Jolly Rogers"  .XML file

These files contain the unprinted Lego pieces needed to build the EF-2000 add-ons using the printed parts that came with your kit.

*Steps for using XML: 

1) Click the link above
2) Copy the entire text starting with <INVENTORY>
3) Go to www.bricklink.com
4) Create an account if you don't have one already.
5) On the top right, scroll over "Want" and then select "Wanted List"
6) "Create New List" and name it however you'd like.
7) On the top right, scroll over "Want" and then select "Upload"
8) Select "Upload Bricklink XML format"
9) Paste the entire text you copied in step #2
10) Select the Wanted List you created in step #6 in the drop down by Add to:
11) Click "Proceed to verify Items"

At this point you should see the list of parts you need to purchase.

*Bricklink has been repeatedly changing numbers on a lot of pieces lately and breaking our and everyone else's .xml files. If you receive an error when attempting to "proceed to verify items"

"The following items in the XML file are invalid or do not exist in the Bricklink Catalog.

Please fix the following errors:

  • Item No: 44302b"
...then use the "find" function on your browser to find the same numbered piece giving the issue in the inventory box and remove the letter after the number. If this still doesn't work contact support@brickveteran.com for guidance.