We're currently a small team dedicated to producing the highest quality brick-built model kits in the world while always taking into consideration what our customers want!  Our kits consist primarily of new & genuine LEGO® parts sourced from the LEGO® enthusiast community but we often collaborate or simply purchase high-quality products on the open market from other companies that fit with our kits.

Our lead designer, Cody Osell, has been professionally designing military-themed brick sets utilizing quality parts sourced through the LEGO® enthusiast community for over to a decade.  He formerly led the design team at Brickmania® and helped create many awesome kits there.  In fact, Cody's Osprey and AC-130 designs were even predominantly featured on CNN! - https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/lego-military-sets-intl-hnk-dst/index.html

If there's a kit you want to see made, an issue you need to have addressed, or something else that concerns you, please send an email to support@brickveteran.com or reach out to us on Instagram.  We're definitely keeping track of what our customers want us to build and trying to do right on everything else!