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A-10C 75th Fighter Squadron

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*Ready to ship - last run of kits.*

A-10C 75th Fighter Squadron "Tigersharks"

~1564 pieces
- 105+ printed pieces
- Includes a special edition pilot figure
- Includes a steel GAU-8
- Includes a stand
- There are no stickers with the kit or with the add-ons.
- The A-10C is limited to two versions of 100 kits per version. The add-ons are limited to 78 each. There is 356 total models and equals the A-10C's total production.

The optional add-on packs are only available to those who purchase the full kit and limited to 1 add-on per kit purchased - NOT one add-on per type but one add-on total.  The .XML file will be made available approximately 35 days after shipment so people may purchase the additional bricks required to build their add-on into a second model. 

Included loadout:
1: AN/ALQ-131(V)
2: LAU-131
3: LAU-131 
4: GBU-31
5-7:  Bludgeoning tool
8: GBU-31
9: LAU-131
10: AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening
11: 2x AIM-9M

Active. 100/100 produced.