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Castle Ruins digital instructions & .xml

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- These are digital files only!

- This purchase gives you the access and individual right to download and use the instructions and .xml files for our Castle Ruins.

- 181 pieces must be ordered. Bricklink Studio estimated cost ~$25 as of 3/19/2024.

*Steps for using the .XML with a PC (a mobile device or Apple computer will likely give you an error using this method)
1) Open the .xml file
2) Copy the entire text starting with <INVENTORY>
3) Go to
4) Create an account on Bricklink if you don't have one already.
5) On the top right, scroll over "Want" and then select "Wanted List"
6) "Create New List" and name it however you'd like.
7) On the top right, scroll over "Want" and then select "Upload"
8) Select "Upload Bricklink XML format"
9) Paste the entire text you copied in step #2
10) Select the Wanted List you created in step #6 in the drop down by Add to:
11) Click "Proceed to verify Items" this point you should see the list of parts you need to purchase.