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F/A-18C VFA-81 add-on pack

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The VFA-81 Sunliners add-on pack is ONLY available to those who purchase the full VFA-81 kit and is limited to ONE add-on per kit purchased.  If you do not purchase the full kit your order will be cancelled.

This add-on includes an additional pilot from TMC and the roughly 80 printed parts and bricks needed to convert the second set of nose, wing, and tail numbers included with your kit into a complete second set of prints. It will NOT provide all the unprinted Lego bricks you need to build a full jet.
To reiterate, unlike previous add-ons, it is not a full set of prints by itself as these kits already come with the nose, wing, and tail numbers for both #401 and #410 and this add-on includes neither.

The .XML file will be released upon request 45 days after the model ships to allow people to easily purchase the required parts to build their add-on into a second model.

Still confused?
- With the kit you can build either #401 or #410 - but not both.
- With the add-on you can't build anything complete as you'll be missing the nose, wing, and tail numbers.
- With the kit and add-on you have all the prints and figures you need to build both models but you'll need to use Bricklink to obtain the second set of unprinted Lego pieces.