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Jagdtiger #201 add-on pack *Pre-Order*

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*Pre-Order* Expected to ship in April 2024 with Jagdtiger #X1.

The Jagdtiger #201 add-on pack is ONLY available to those who purchase the full Jagdtiger #X1 kit and is limited to ONE total add-on per kit purchased.  If you do not purchase the full kit your order will be cancelled and you will be charged a restocking fee.

- Full set of printed parts to produce Tiger #201
- Full set of 24 customized wheels
- Full set of 26 printed elements
- Includes a special edition The Minifig Co panzer commander figure limited to 62 copies (different figure than the one included with X1).
- Includes .xml and file so you can arrange your own camoflage if desired.

*Note: you must use the .xml and file to source the parts to complete this build on your own. It is not intended a a conversion from X1 but as a stand-alone complementary build.